Below are links to photos David has taken of some of my creations.  We'll be updating these with new designs and variations, so do please check back regularly.

To view and purchase available pieces, please contact us for a list of boutiques or check out our News and Events Page for current shows.

Should you wish to inquire about joining our list of boutiques and salons, please contact us.  We'd welcome the opportunity to complement your fashions with our unique designs.

Sometimes my designs extend beyond one piece - an accent on the ear could echo onto a necklace or a bracelet.  I'm often inspired to create multi-piece sets, often for specific outfits or events, that play with color and elements.

Bracelet Gallery

From simple chain drops to eclectic spiral bracelets, here you'll find images of some of my favorite bracelet designs.

Though this is often my most requested stand-alone piece, I also custom-make sets as well, pairing complementary elements in earrings and necklaces.
Earring Gallery

Drops, Clusters, Cascades, even simple Hoops.  I love the play of light on the elements of earrings and the way just the right combination can frame a face and complete that perfect outfit.

All my designs can be converted to either clip or pierced upon request.
Necklace Gallery

From a simple strand of complementary stones and findings to a dramatic focal piece, I really enjoy creating necklaces that express a range of styles to fit every personality and wardrobe.